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University Cleaners Laundry Service for W & L Students

University Cleaners has partnered with Washington and Lee University to provide Laundry Service for all W&L students. With all the responsibilities and academic demands the school year brings for students, we offer an alternative to students doing their own laundry

The average student spends nearly 140 HOURS a year washing clothes. Our laundry service alleviates this chore and allows more time for academics.

University cleaners provides pick-up and delivery laundry service to your son/daughter's dormitory, fraternity, or sorority house every week for the entire school year for only $550. The service includes 15 pounds of casual clothing, including bed and bath linens, washed, dried, folded and delivered promptly. If the bundle exceeds 15 pounds in any given week, each additional pound of laundry is only $1.50/lb, and will be billed home monthly.

Professional Dry Cleaning, shirt laundry and gentle care services are also available to Laundry Service customers on a per piece basis. These items can be included in the laundry bag and will be professionally dry cleaned and pressed and returned with the Laundry Service bag to your dorm room. Dry cleaning will be billed to your home address monthly. You may enroll in the service at any time during the academic year. For prorated pricing, please call our office.

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